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While at the beach Torrens read Bill Bryson’s “A Sunburned Country”.  A nice easy read on what it is like to tour around Australia.  Not much economics in it, but lots of little factoids about Australia  — everything from Harold Holt’s last swim to pie floaters (can you still buy them anywhere?)

One thing Bryson noted is how little attention the rest of the world pays to Australia.  Which got TH wondering what was the most important economic issue for Australians these days?

For TH it is the adjustment process in Europe simply because it is the most fascinating huge economics lab experiment involving 300 million people and a trillion or so dollars per year that seems to be going “wrong”  in the most predictable way.  But what about down under?  How are housing prices doing, do people feel richer or poorer than 5 years ago? Is Adelaide really a dying city as Bryson was told by Adelaideans on his visit?

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