Why the lavatory is a modern library

TH gave an exam to a bunch of students the otherday and noticed that, compared to the past, they seemed to have a greater need to uses the “facilities” than they used to. He wondered whether it might be a public health issue.

As he scoured the room for hand santisiser, it occured to him that maybe it was just the same old problem — cheating. As usual he had alreay checked behind the toilet doors and lavatories for notes — someone always tries that (at least used to). but there were none. Perhaps they don’t need to rely on that risky strategy any longer. So long as a student has his smart phone tucked away on him some where, a visit to the lav is now a visit to the library.
TH wonders what the solution is?

  • put an iPad behind every toilet door and let everyone get one visit to the loo?
  • an open concept lav (a la ancient Greece).

Regardless, it seems that one can no longer assume that students haven’t had the aid of their notes or the wisdom of the masses anymore.

3 thoughts on “Why the lavatory is a modern library

  1. The Israelies invented a mobile phone blocker, but that wouldn’t stop someone who’s actually downloaded PDFs or websites before the exam. Detonating a small nuclear devide can wipe out electronics with the EMP, something to consider I guess. The only real option is to make everything open book (open internet), I mean that’s how we function outside of exams in the real world to get a job done. Plus, devices are just going to get smaller and more sophisticated, and kids will be on the bleeding edge any new technology while the teachers get up to speed with just banging the rocks together.

  2. Do you think a credible nuclear deterrent would work? That way we wouldn’t actually need to nuke the kids. All that we would need is for them to think we would.
    Trouble with open book is it tests whether you can find information not if you understand it. If it was a test of the former, we’d be educating librarians.

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