Who cares about a euro exit

Torrens is lost for words (or at least words that he can put on his blog) about the reintensification of the Euro area.  It has been all so inevitable and the lack of willingness to act, so flabberghasting. …. So rather than rant today, Torrens wants  to know what you think about this data from Google; especially if you are in Europe.

A while back, Torrens asked “who cares” about the Euro Debt crisis.  Today he thought he would ask who cares about euro exit. Here they are, the data, fresh from Google Trends, which simply shows where people who are searching the phrase “euro exit” (or whatever else you want to know about) are located. The results are scaled so that 1 is the country or city getting the most searches and 0 is the least. 

No surprises that Greece is number 1, but what is surprising is number 2 (Ireland).  Also surprising is the countries that don’t make the list — Portugal and Spain.

Torrens will leave it to you to draw your own conclusions. Go on … post a comment.




One thought on “Who cares about a euro exit

  1. Ok so your response to my earlier question about euro exit (on your most recent blog post) may be informed by these data…but I wonder if Ireland isn’t just searching “euro exit” because they want someone ELSE (ie Greece) to take the plunge. And maybe they think they can glean Greece’s intentions through at-large google searches…?

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